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Work Experience (WE) Branch

This branch has to identify the locale relevant areas related to work experience. The curricular materials, low-cost teaching aids and evaluation by tools/techniques etc. are developed by this unit. This branch also helps the educational authorities to plan and implement work experience in the district effectively in all the schools and AE/NFE centres. Different kinds of functions in accordance with DIET guidelines are given below:


  1. To identify locally relevant WE areas, and in cooperation with concerned nodal branches, to develop sample curricular units, teaching learning material, low cost teaching aids and evaluation tools/techniques in such areas (it is also in the guidelines that locally relevant areas may be spinning/weaving/dyeing/bamboo work, bee keeping, mat making etc.).

  2. To help educational authorities and elementary schools/NFA/AE Centres in planned introduction of Work Experience activities in such schools/centres.

  3. As back up to (2) above, to conduct appropriate in service programmes for teachers in the area of WE. 

  4. To provide WE related inputs into all other programmes and activities of the institute e.g. pre-service and in-service programmes for teachers, training programmes for NFA/AE personnel, Field Interaction (including extension) activities, Action Research, etc. 

  5. To organize activities for cleanliness, upkeep and development of the Institute campus-roads, playgrounds, lawns, gardens, etc.-and its surrounding, and basic maintenance of Institute furniture and other properties. 

  6. To organize community service activities and study visits to work centres as part of training programmes, and to promote such activities on extracurricular basis. 

  7. To maintain workshop/farm/garden for WE activities. 

  8. To promote work related hobbies among trainees of the institute.

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