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Pre-Primary Education in District Kullu

Objectives of Pre- School education:- 

•    To enable children become effective communicators and foster both receptive and expressive language.
•    To enhance the all round development of children’s personality and inclusion of healthy attitude, life skills and good values.
•    To enable a sound foundation for good health, well being nutrition & healthy habits and hygiene.
•    To lay the foundation for a healthy, productive and satisfying life in the future by enabling the children to develop his/her maximum potential through:

-Physical well being, health & motor development
-Personal, social & emotional development.
-Creative & aesthetic development.
-Language, communication & literacy development.
-Cognitive development, mathematical thinking & reasoning.

•    To work as partner with parents and community to enable each child flourish.

Introduction: -

Pre-school education is the education imparted to children of 3-6 Years age group. Pre-School education is also known as Pre-Primary Education. It is provided in any of the settings such as Angan Badi, Nursery Schools, Pre- schools, Lower Kindergarten (LKG), Upper Kindergarten(UKG) etc.

Goals of Pre-Primary:- 


a.    Providing strong foundation for all round development and lifelong learning..
b.    Preparing the child for school.

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