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Out Of School Children (OOS) Intervention

Special Training of OOSC in Distt. Kullu is being provided through Non Residential Special Training Centres ( NRSTc ). Children in the age group of 6-14 are being given bridge course education  as per their age and as per the provision of RTE Act, 2009  wherein age appropriate and class appropriate Education has been mandate. In Distt. Kullu survey of every area has been made compulsory and responsibility for conducting a survey has been fixed on the Head teacher and SMC of the school. The head teacher with the help of SMC will have to ensure the identification of OOSC  in his/her respective areas. Moreover DIET authorities also conduct the survey through  pre service teachers, NRST Instructors and faculty members twice a year as per availability of budget.

Special focus on temporary habitations and other  vulnerable habitations  i.e. temple surrounding, project areas, construction sites, slum area, industrial area and other temporary habitations. Newly identified children are enrolled either directly in formal school or in NRST centres age appropriate education is ensured in these centres.

Procedure for providing Special Training:-

1. After completion of survey identify the children of age group 6-14  who has never been enrolled.
2. Such children will be enrolled in the nearest neighborhood school and there after they will be  put to a test to assess the competences .
3. On the basis  of their achievement level  such children will be imparted special training based on Non Residential Bridge course so as to achieve the learning level in children corresponding  to their age appropriate class. Such training may last from 3 months   to Two Years depending upon learning  gap and  pace of learning of such children.
4. The bridge course material develop  in to the following levels.


Level - I   for class 1,2 
Level –II for class 3, 4
Level –III for class  5

5. Special training will be imparted by NRBC/NRST Instructors especially recruited for purpose of special Non Residential Bridge course.
6. After completion of Bridge course they will be mainstreamed  in the formal schools.

•    8 NRST Centres  are running in Distt. Kullu at present.

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