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Inclusive Education

Inclusion in education refers to a model where in students with special needs spend most or all their time with non-special needs students. Inclusive education is carried out in a common learning environment.

Inclusive Education has grown from the belief that Education is a basic human right and that it provides the foundation for a more just society. All learners have a right to education. RTE Act in 2012 has included CWSN in the definition of disadvantaged groups. It includes with severe multiple disability with the right to opt for Home Based Education, thus creating enabling environment for the children. As SSA supported inclusion of CWSN from Pre-nursery to Class 8th at Elementary stage and RMSA the IEDSS supported inclusion of CWSN from Class 9-12. Efforts are being made under these schemes to provide all kinds of facilities to CWSN as they need.

But now ISSE, the Integrated Scheme on School Education aims to look at education of all children including CWSN from Pre-nursery to Class 12th. The scheme under Right of the Person with Disability (RPwD) Act, 2016 will cover all children with special needs studying in Government, Government aided and local body schools. 

The objectives of the scheme are:


  • Identification of CWSN at school level and assessment of his / her educational need.

  • Provision of aids and appliances, assistive devices to the CWSN as per requirement.

  • Removal of all architectural barriers in schools.

  • Supplying appropriate teaching, learning material, medical facilities, vocational training support, guidance and counseling services and therapeutic services to CWSN as per his / her requirement.

  • General school teachers will be sensitized and trained to teach and involve students with disabilities in general classrooms.

  • CWSN will have access to support services through Special educaters.

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