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School Management Committee

School Management Committee (SMC) is and initiative for community interaction and involvement in school functioning as per Right to Education  Act 2009, the SMC works toward enhancing parents and community participation at large number in the school functioning and provide mechanisms  for more effective management at school level .


The Right To Education Act 2009 provides various opportunities to community members for participation.  The idea behind the formulation of SMC is to involve communities to take an active role in the planning, implementation and monitoring of developmental programmes in the school. It creates a feeling of ownership among the primary stake holders (Parents) and helps in buildings the partnership and networking between school and community. SMC plays an important role   in accomplishing the goals of RTE Act. It helps in mobilizing public awareness as well as building a strong sense of   ownership of Govt. policies and programmes of the school. It also provides as line of action where community and school pool resources for better management of school.


Section 21 of the RTE Act 2009,   school management committee (SMC) in every school and envisages dynamic role of the community in effective monitoring of schools. The interventions supports training of SMDC, SMC and PRI members for carrying out the roles and responsibilities envisaged in the RTE Act 2009.


There are 1036 Govt. schools during the Year 2019-20. All the schools have constituted SMC in their respective schools. RTE Act 2009 under section 21 and 22 also entitle the community through formation of SMC in every school and participate in preparation, implementation and monitoring of developmental activities in schools.


This Year the Distt. Kullu (ISSE) would focus on the District a nd block level capacity building /training (Elementary and secondary level) of SMC /PRI members and proposed one day non residential community mobilization) SMC “ School Shiksha Samwad” in all schools of Distt. Kullu  in a phased manner and honoring to best SMC members.

Proposed Plan for Community Participation 2019-20

This year the District would focus on the following points:-

  • Implementation of RTE in the school.

  • Inclusion of disadvantaged groups in SMCs.

  • Preparing School Development Plan.

  • Achieving targets related with quality education.


  • To achieve the target of Universalization of Secondary Education

  • To retain children in the school and check the dropout

  • To prepare the school development plan

  • To ensure the proper use of school grants.

  • To ensure quality in drinking water

  • To work for the achievement level of students.

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