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About Us

District Institute of Education &Training (DIET), Kullu at Jarad, came into existence 1997 as a Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Government of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development, under the administrative control of State Project Director, Samagra shiksha, Himachal Pradesh as an apex body at the district level. DIET Kullu has been established as a pace setting institution with the objective to bring qualitative and quantitative improvement in elementary, adult and non-formal education in the Kullu district, through conducting research, experiments, training, developing materials and providing resource support. Since its establishment, DIET Kullu is constantly engaged in achieving these objectives.

This is an institute that captures the multi-faceted personality of the elementary education visionaries. The institute performs a wide range of academic activities with the idea of development of a complete personality, self-discipline, spirit of co-operation, innovative ideas, scientific temper and missionary zeal, which are the necessary part of Course Curriculum. The institute is being run with the initial in-take of 200 students in Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.).


DIET Kullu is responsible for the ‘Best Practices’ by designing a yearly calendar for ensuring planned work in the area of planning, training, research and material development and also conducting the programmes as planned. DIET also provides academic resource input for the District authorities and State Departments.


This DIET regularly conducts pre-service and in-service programme for Heads of schools and teachers working in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. The whole process of in-service training is carried out in a very scientific manner with the close cooperation of the DIET faculty, SCERT, SPO faculty and teachers of the Department of Education.



Building a generation of excellent teachers fired with a spirit of service and higher values.



» To develop the institution into a centre of academic excellence.
» To develop cognitively enriched, effectively trained, morally upright, socially committed and spiritually inspired teachers.
» To provide opportunities to obtain valuable information about teaching techniques and skills.
» To facilitate Human Resource Development in the field of Education and Research.
» To create a strong affinity towards the national values.
» To equip the teachers with the skills and information to create an eco-friendly atmosphere in educational institutions.
» To guide our trainees in the attainment of professional competency to cope with the rapid advancement in the field of Education and Technology.
» To make our teachers capable of giving precise educational treatment for every individual student need.
» To lay stress on self-learning and individual development.
» To give special emphasis on the four pillars-learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together and learning to be.

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